We're closing out the summer with the coolest metal of them all - White Gold. Whoever said you can't wear white gold after Labor day, was definitely not referring to the classic and timeless nature of white gold fine jewelry. 

The most classic of the gold colors, white gold really lets your diamonds shine to their brightest potential. White gold jewelry is timeless and adds a dose of sophistication to your jewelry collection. White gold earrings and huggies add a cool touch to your ear stack while white gold diamond tennis necklaces and bracelets bring elegant sophistication to the mix.

At the top of our white gold wishlist are all of the Jennifer Meyer classics - the Wishbone, Good Luck, Letter Discs, Edith link chains and much more. Did you know, all of our jewelry can be custom ordered in white gold? Just send us an email at shop@jennifermeyer.com and we can assist you from there. 

When considering your next gift for yourself or someone special, turn to Jennifer Meyer's collection of timeless and sophisticated, classic white gold fine jewelry.