At Jennifer Meyer, we take our necklace layers very seriously (but not too seriously!). The key is to layer necklaces of slightly varying lengths and textures (think chains) to achieve the perfect layered necklace look! Pro tip: Reach out to us directly to have any of your JM necklaces altered to wear together. 

We've rounded up our favorite ways of layering necklaces. Which necklace layer are you? 

The best seller:

For a best sellers necklace layer, we recommend a shorter Edith Link necklace or tennis necklace to start. Usually, these necklaces hang at about 15-16 inches. Next, we like to add a slightly longer heart necklace, either a hammered heart necklace or an inlay heart necklace, to add a bit of texture. Finally, we like to add a Good Luck Necklace or a Leaf necklace to tie the look together!

But first, diamonds:

Nothing is more classic than a diamond necklace, so why not layer multiples? We like to start with a classic diamond tennis necklace. Our tennis necklaces come in a few different settings, from 3-prong to 4-prong to bezel and illusion settings. Second, we like to add our Medium Diamond Evil Eye Necklace, finishing the look with our Diamond Pave Good Luck Necklace for varied length.

Color Crush:

It’s proven that mixing color into your necklace stack does wonders for both outfit and mood! We recommend starting your necklace layer with a colorful tennis necklace - we're loving our 4-Prong Amethyst Tennis Necklace or our 3-Prong Gradated Pink Sapphire tennis necklace. Layer with our Diamond Wishbone Necklace or Cotton Candy Opal Inlay Heart Necklace for maximum impact.