For Jen's signature scent, she pulled from her memories of growing up in Malibu to develop a scent that reminded her of salt air and happy summer feelings. 

The scent is comprised of notes of coconut, strawberry, and neroli blossoms. The JM signature scent comes in a full size perfume, travel sized roller ball, hand & body cream, and a candle.

For your vanity, your purse, and your nightstand, our JM signature scent is perfect for every time of day. 

Start you morning with a spritz of our perfume in the JM signature scent. With hints of strawberry, coconut, cranberries, sandalwood, neroli blossoms, and fig leaves, it’s the “just-got-home-from-the- beach” scent you never knew you needed.

Layer on an afternoon pick me up with our on-the-go, travel size Rollerball and Hand & Body Cream in the JM signature scent.

In the evening, inhale the good, exhale the bad…relax and unwind with the scent of summer year round with our JM candle.

From our candle to our rollerball, all of the JM products in our signature scent make the perfect gift for yourself or a friend!